Enterprises and organisations (of any kind) embedded in today's economic environment are deeply dependent from their ability to take part into collaborations. Consequently, it is strongly required for them to be able to take part into emerging, potentially opportunistically, collaborative networks. The concept of “interoperability” has been defined by INTEROP-VLab as “The ability of an enterprise system or application to interact with others at a low cost in a flexible approach”. Consequently, interoperability of organisations appears as a major issue to succeed in building on the fly emerging enterprise networks.

Topics of Interest

This edition of I-ESA is subtitled “interoperability for agility, resilience and plasticity of collaborations”. Establishing efficient and relevant collaborative situations requires to manage interoperability from a dynamic point of view: a relevant and efficient collaboration of organisations might require adaptation to remain in line with potentially changing objectives, potentially evolving resources, unexpected events, etc. This specific aspect of interoperability will be the keystone of I-ESA 2014.

Furthermore, the topics of I-ESA 2014 aims at being in line with the vision presented in the Horizon 2020 framework program regarding interoperability: Enterprise interoperability and Innovation, Interoperability strategies for Digital and Sensing Enterprise, System Interoperability in Internet of everything.